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Chateau Blanc Suites Apartment Hotel - stylish, elegant and so convenient

Your deluxe apartment accommodation at Chateau Blanc Suites Apartment Hotel will make your Christchurch stay a pleasure.

Each of our fully serviced apartments provides the spacious, self contained accommodation you're looking for. Relax with a separate lounge, bedroom, bathroom and European-style kitchen with full facilities.

Located in the Southern part of the New Zealand’s Island, Christchurch is one of the largest, yet amazing cities of the country. In the nearby Southern Alps, there are several national parks and ski resorts that greatly contribute to the city’s economy, specifically in tourism. We can find a few botanic gardens, where we can appreciate nature. We can try to have a scenic drive in places where we can see beautiful beaches, hidden bays, native bushes, and historic villages such as the Akoroa. If we want to see the view of the entire city from the top, we can ride on the gondola, where we can also experience to eat at the top. After 2011, when the devastating earthquake occurred in Christchurch, the city is now recovering, but there are still remnants of the place where tourists could take in what has happened.

All these amazing things could be done in Christchurch, but we should make sure that we get the most convenient lodging in town. After a cramp of fun and adventure, we should see to it that we still have the best moments during our stay in New Zealand. We could get elegant and stylish apartments in the city for a lesser cost using a discount code. Not just that, we can enjoy activities in a discounted rate when we have it. So, why not have it now?

Beautifully set in Christchurch's inner city green belt close by the Arts Centre, this boutique apartment hotel is a haven for the traveller weary of the cramp. Outside, the frenetic bustle of the downtown central city; inside, your quiet retreat offering relaxation in complete comfort, privacy and security privacy and security. If you are interested in our promotions, visit our partner Savepedia for guides and coupons on hotels.

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Chateau Blanc Suites Apartment Hotel

Chateau Blanc Suites, located in historic Cranmer Square,
just a short and pleasant riverside stroll from Cathedral Square.

Stay a night, a week or longer, Chateau Blanc Suites
is your home away ...


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